विचारसागर मंथन

आज सवेरे सवेरे ये विचारसागर मंथन चला
A describtion of thought on an imagediver


લેખક ushapatel

0mshanti..ॐ शांति।ૐ શાંતિ....to every body.. now I sm a retired person. I would like to share my likings... fevourities and elevated thoughts or God's versons also for remind me own first and to who 👍. As all the people of this whole world are the children of supreme God father so I strongly believed in brotherhood whomsoever it concerns with their beliefs. There is only one religion is common that si humanity. So I love the whole world. Though I am Gujarati. Thanks and Namaste to all. एक विश्वसंदेश जन्मे छु हूँ गुजराती माटे गुजराती छे मारी मातृभाषा। राष्ट्रभाषा है मेरी सरल हिन्दी। While English is my International language. तो अब आपही बताओ किसको मैं छोड़ू? और किसको अपनाउ? क्यूंकि तीनों ही है मेरी पसंदिता। ॐ शान्ति...शान्ति...शान्ति।

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